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Masterpiece (yeah, ok)

2008-12-20 12:16:55 by hmcdlspcmnstr

Well, my second submission to pass is up and holding strong. I actually did put a little more effort into this one than I did the last, however, for the most part, it was alot of "copy frames / paste frames". This one took about four days (I just can't find that much time to make "quality" cartoons). Hopefully, I shall have more up soon.


2008-12-10 17:50:45 by hmcdlspcmnstr

Not that anyone would know, but I've been submitting stuff to NG for about 2 years now. The reason you'll never see any of it is because none of it ever passes judgment. Funny enough, when I'm sick with the flu and too lazy to give a damn what it actually looks like, I get a submission to pass. To be quite honest, it is, without a doubt, one of the worst cartoons I've ever made. LOL. But I guess enough people liked it for it to pass. So, Thanks to everyone that kept it alive and hopefully I'll have some more (better drawn/animated/voice) up soon.